SAC Recruiting Outlook


Tusculum College run to the final four and the other 3 qualifiers helped to earn SAC Coaches $13K for the upcoming recruiting season.

With West Georgia’s coronation as Rockne Division II National Champion all eyes turn to the job change period – and more importantly recruiting.

Yatzr has put out an amazing 2.0 version of his Recruiting Tool that scrapes out recruiting data and now team analysis.  Check it out here for a download:


The SAC has a lot of spots open for incoming recruits and some great competition across the vision of DII.  Tusculum is in the lead in the last 3 years with 47 victories, Mars Hill next with 41, Shepherd with 38, West Virginia Tech with 31, followed by the field of newer owners with 18 or fewer.

This effect of vision will have a stratus of competition for recruits – but any Sky is the Limit talents out there certainly will be battled over.

Yatzr’s tool improvement lists team ranking with or without seniors and tells how many are departing.  West Virginia Wesleyan has 22 recruits coming in this off season down to West Virginia Tech only selecting 4 (or 5 if the rumors of impending cuts to SimAi recruits is true).



Guess Reports “SAC Highest Rated Conference”

Proof of the SAC Being the Best

For you newer owners in GD.  The G.U.E.S.S. Reports are one of the most entertaining comparisons between GD Teams.  For instance – the link here shows that for the 97 season that the SAC was statistically the highest rated conference.

Check out the site and the depth of the reports.  This is a great way to help to improve your team and recruiting by seeing how the game works.

Another great tool is available on the GD Reports page – Yatzr’s Recruiting Tool.  This allows you to automate and use powerful search and ranking tools as well as scheduling recruiting actions.

People that donate to Yatzr also get more powerful tools to be able to get ‘potentials’ back and also utilize the speed of multiple threads.  Flipdog0, Mjryan and clememp all are donors and it helps them to recruit effectively and efficiently.