Month: October 2017

Road to the SAC Title Game

As the regular season heads towards the end – there is a big race in the East and West to represent the SAC in the SAC Title Game.

In the East – RPOsborne has Presbyterian humming on all cylinders gunning towards their match up with fellow undefeated coach Clememp. Current WIS Rankings have Tusculum ranked first while Presbyterian are currently polling at 4.

Whomever wins their ‘Game of the Night’ will get the opportunity to face either Dawgnuts or BigPappaMatt. Dawg has Shepherd trending upwards as they will face WV Tech in the last game of the season. Shepherd is one game back in the loss column.

Could Dessasdad play spoiler against the absentee owner of WV Tech? Will Dawg run the table to the game? Should be an exciting run to wrap up the regular season.

The SAC expects to have 3 playoff teams this season as the race for SAC Offensive Player of the year looks to come down to either the signal caller for Presbo in David McGowan or their stud tailback in Harold Martinez.


Defensive Player of the Year is too close to call at this point – stay tuned for more handicapping.


Welcome to Conference Play

The South Atlantic Conference would like to welcome Dessasdad to the conference. A long time Rockne stalwart at Midwestern – the Hall of Fame Coach takes on a serious rebuild at Glenville.

The SAC should be a dog fight this season with some talented upperclassmen being showcased with two WIS top ten squads currently with Tusculum having 29 and Presbyterian  26 respectively.

The GUESS Reports were particularly insightful as Presbyterian shows up at 4 while Tusculum checks in at 7 and Shepherd rounds out the top 20. Glenville is in the top half at 66 while West Virginia Tech and West Virginia Wesleyan both have serious roster issues precluding their competitiveness (WVT – 136, WVW – 137).

The top three teams all enter league play undefeated and are expecting to contend for the SAC crown and post-season glory.