SAC Owner/Coach Interview: Indy_Indians


The SAC Times caught up with Indy_Indians who is coaching at West Virginia Wesleyan and has his team to an early 5-2 (1-1 SAC) Record in his second year of coaching in WhatifSports.

1) When did you first discover What If Sports?

December 23, 2005

2) What convinced you to join the SAC Conference in the Rockne World?

I’m originally from West Virigina and just wanted a team from my home state and here I am.

3) What is the best advice you would give to a new owner starting up in Gridiron Dynasty?

Take your time in building your team, it’s nice to win, but it may be better in the long run to figure out stuff.

4) Who is your favorite student-athlete you have signed?

Probably WR Mark Cook.

5) What is your coaching philosophy?

Keep it close, hope the defense steps up.

6) Who is your biggest rival in GD?

Have not played enough to gain a rival. Until then I can safely say it’s myself.

7) What would you change in GD if you could?

Fill up an entire division with human players.

8) What is your real world occupation?

Work at McDonald’s

9) What college team is your favorite that you follow?

IU in college basketball, can’t really stand college football on TV. Every game seems offensively lopsided to me. But I try and follow how W.VA. does.

10) What has been your biggest defeat in your coaching career? Biggest victory?

Not enough games yet.  Editor’s Note: The day this interview posted Indy_Indidans knocked off #3 Tusculum 29-24 while picking off 7 passes.  There is little doubt that this is the biggest win in West Virginia Wesleyan history.



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