SAC East Offensive MVP Watch List

Gents, it is that time of year where all eyes turn to the gridiron and people cringe to hear about your “Fantasy Fantasy Football Team.” I’ve (ed note: MJRyan) taken a gander at the SAC East side and have a few guys to keep an eye on.  

Tusculum: A rankings darling, Tusculum doesn’t rebuild, they just reload. You need an edge? Clememp has a “spreadsheet” for that. His small army of tiny cyborgs do their due diligence on the recruiting trail, but strangely his best offensive weapon (besides the much maligned Jeff George…er Robert Abbot) is a kicker. Yep, Roy Porter is a difference-maker. The Pioneers just need to hit the 40 on any given drive for Porter to drop the hammer. Maybe this is the year we give love to kickers? Sure, why the hell not. 



Editors Note: Senior Running Back Michael Schmidt looks to seize the starting tailback spot and has his sights set on a 2,000 yard, 20 score season.

Mars HillFlipdog is a fan of interchangeable parts. The game plan never changes, so expect his best (and only) punch every week. It doesn’t matter who is hurling the rock, Mars will always have stud wideouts. Look for Charles Turner to make a strong run at the POY coming off a 152 reception campaign for 1,506 yards and ten scores. The only question is how much can they throw to keep everyone happy? Hey, this guy owns me, so someone give him a run. Please?

Carson-NewmanCarson-Newman has an interesting advantage on the offensive side. In a year where all the big boys are witnessing quarterback turnover, the Eagles have a redshirt senior who could take all the gloss. A Shelbyville, Kentucky native, Thomas Nieves has the skills to be a true dual-threat signal-caller, improving his passing game last season to finish with 15 touchdown passes against just five picks. He looks to be the top thrower in the SAC, so tread lightly.

I also think we should talk about “Shelbyville” more. That place has got to be a patch of scorched earth. Egad.

CatawbaLet’s face it. Catawba is junk. Enjoy the bye week.

PresbyterianWowsers, remember the days when Progators held the SAC in his, well,sack? We could all chalk that up for a loss until we started to get wise and cut in on his fertile recruiting. His loss was the SAC’s gain, building the best conference in Division II. Somewhere, I’m sure he is nestled softly in a blanket of SIM’s, winning his 15 games a year, suckling at the teet of non-competitive play. Anyway, their best bet for a POY this year is senior quarterback Charles Hunter, who will look to fill the big shoes of Prespo-past. Drdvh, you have a strong legacy, look forward to seeing the turnaround.

WingateWhere the Hell is Wingate? Why do we care?

Best of luck this year and look forward to seeing the action!


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