Month: February 2014

SAC Recruiting Outlook


Tusculum College run to the final four and the other 3 qualifiers helped to earn SAC Coaches $13K for the upcoming recruiting season.

With West Georgia’s coronation as Rockne Division II National Champion all eyes turn to the job change period – and more importantly recruiting.

Yatzr has put out an amazing 2.0 version of his Recruiting Tool that scrapes out recruiting data and now team analysis.  Check it out here for a download:

The SAC has a lot of spots open for incoming recruits and some great competition across the vision of DII.  Tusculum is in the lead in the last 3 years with 47 victories, Mars Hill next with 41, Shepherd with 38, West Virginia Tech with 31, followed by the field of newer owners with 18 or fewer.

This effect of vision will have a stratus of competition for recruits – but any Sky is the Limit talents out there certainly will be battled over.

Yatzr’s tool improvement lists team ranking with or without seniors and tells how many are departing.  West Virginia Wesleyan has 22 recruits coming in this off season down to West Virginia Tech only selecting 4 (or 5 if the rumors of impending cuts to SimAi recruits is true).



Tusculum Blown Out in Final Four

Tusculum Blown Out in Final Four

Freshman QB Robert Abbott throws 4 picks as Tusculum tried to take advantage of West Georgia’s 4-4 defense.

Michael Schmidt was the lone highlight running back a kick 99 yards for a score in his final game as a Pioneer. The SAC put 4 teams into the playoffs and all the teams got a healthy boost in recruiting from the DII Playoff Payoff.

Recruiting is right around the corner.


Tusculum Coach

Tusculum QB Robert Abbott ‘led’ Tusculum back to the title game – albeit while throwing 18 interceptions in his true freshman campaign.

Shepherd returns to the title game albeit on a one game losing streak.

Tusculum won their regular season match-up 19-6 in the first game of SAC Play but Shepherd is favored in this game by +1.5 points.

The SAC has an outside chance at getting 5 teams in to the playoffs – but 4 should definitely get an invite after the Conference Championship.



Tusculum bounces back after a humiliating home loss to stun Mars Hill at home 27 to 26 in a battle between two top ten teams.

Freshman signal caller Robert Abbot bounced back from a horrendous start to throw a pair of touchdowns while senior tailback Michael Schmidt ripped off a 74 yard run while amassing 211 yards on the ground after being shut down in the first half.

“At halftime Coach put us in the trips and with our skill players spreading the field it opened up the run game for all of us,” Schmidt stated after being presented with the game ball. “With our defense shutting down the high powered Mars Hill chuck and duck we getting ready to run the table to the SAC Championship.”

Junior Scott Ramos threw for 321 yards and a pair of scores in the losing effort and still leads DII in passing touchdowns.

The South Atlantic Conference could put 5 teams into the playoffs this year and if Carson-Newman is able to run the table – 6 is not out of reach.

SAC Owner/Coach Interview: Indy_Indians


The SAC Times caught up with Indy_Indians who is coaching at West Virginia Wesleyan and has his team to an early 5-2 (1-1 SAC) Record in his second year of coaching in WhatifSports.

1) When did you first discover What If Sports?

December 23, 2005

2) What convinced you to join the SAC Conference in the Rockne World?

I’m originally from West Virigina and just wanted a team from my home state and here I am.

3) What is the best advice you would give to a new owner starting up in Gridiron Dynasty?

Take your time in building your team, it’s nice to win, but it may be better in the long run to figure out stuff.

4) Who is your favorite student-athlete you have signed?

Probably WR Mark Cook.

5) What is your coaching philosophy?

Keep it close, hope the defense steps up.

6) Who is your biggest rival in GD?

Have not played enough to gain a rival. Until then I can safely say it’s myself.

7) What would you change in GD if you could?

Fill up an entire division with human players.

8) What is your real world occupation?

Work at McDonald’s

9) What college team is your favorite that you follow?

IU in college basketball, can’t really stand college football on TV. Every game seems offensively lopsided to me. But I try and follow how W.VA. does.

10) What has been your biggest defeat in your coaching career? Biggest victory?

Not enough games yet.  Editor’s Note: The day this interview posted Indy_Indidans knocked off #3 Tusculum 29-24 while picking off 7 passes.  There is little doubt that this is the biggest win in West Virginia Wesleyan history.

GUESS Reports – SAC Top Rated Conference, Again!

GUESS Reports for Season 98 came out.

No shocking developments here as the South Atlantic Conference again takes tops in DII.

Mars Hill leads the league ranked 6th overall with the 8th overall recruiting class.

Tusculum is right behind Mars Hill with the 7th overall team while pulling in the 10th ranked recruiting class.

Shepherd makes the trifecta perfect in 8th with an impressive number 6 recruiting class.

WV Tech comes in 19th overall and 25th in recruiting, WV Wesleyan clocks in at 75th/129th, Carson-Newman 88th/108th, Presbyterian 125th/133rd.

Should be a competitive year between the haves and the have nots in the SAC.  What team from the lower 4 will make the big run to the top?  We started from the bottom… now we here.

SAC East Offensive MVP Watch List

Gents, it is that time of year where all eyes turn to the gridiron and people cringe to hear about your “Fantasy Fantasy Football Team.” I’ve (ed note: MJRyan) taken a gander at the SAC East side and have a few guys to keep an eye on.  

Tusculum: A rankings darling, Tusculum doesn’t rebuild, they just reload. You need an edge? Clememp has a “spreadsheet” for that. His small army of tiny cyborgs do their due diligence on the recruiting trail, but strangely his best offensive weapon (besides the much maligned Jeff George…er Robert Abbot) is a kicker. Yep, Roy Porter is a difference-maker. The Pioneers just need to hit the 40 on any given drive for Porter to drop the hammer. Maybe this is the year we give love to kickers? Sure, why the hell not. 



Editors Note: Senior Running Back Michael Schmidt looks to seize the starting tailback spot and has his sights set on a 2,000 yard, 20 score season.

Mars HillFlipdog is a fan of interchangeable parts. The game plan never changes, so expect his best (and only) punch every week. It doesn’t matter who is hurling the rock, Mars will always have stud wideouts. Look for Charles Turner to make a strong run at the POY coming off a 152 reception campaign for 1,506 yards and ten scores. The only question is how much can they throw to keep everyone happy? Hey, this guy owns me, so someone give him a run. Please?

Carson-NewmanCarson-Newman has an interesting advantage on the offensive side. In a year where all the big boys are witnessing quarterback turnover, the Eagles have a redshirt senior who could take all the gloss. A Shelbyville, Kentucky native, Thomas Nieves has the skills to be a true dual-threat signal-caller, improving his passing game last season to finish with 15 touchdown passes against just five picks. He looks to be the top thrower in the SAC, so tread lightly.

I also think we should talk about “Shelbyville” more. That place has got to be a patch of scorched earth. Egad.

CatawbaLet’s face it. Catawba is junk. Enjoy the bye week.

PresbyterianWowsers, remember the days when Progators held the SAC in his, well,sack? We could all chalk that up for a loss until we started to get wise and cut in on his fertile recruiting. His loss was the SAC’s gain, building the best conference in Division II. Somewhere, I’m sure he is nestled softly in a blanket of SIM’s, winning his 15 games a year, suckling at the teet of non-competitive play. Anyway, their best bet for a POY this year is senior quarterback Charles Hunter, who will look to fill the big shoes of Prespo-past. Drdvh, you have a strong legacy, look forward to seeing the turnaround.

WingateWhere the Hell is Wingate? Why do we care?

Best of luck this year and look forward to seeing the action!

SAC West Offensive MVP Watch List


Shepherd red-shirt senior tailback William Sexton looks to improve on his junior season and return Shepherd to the SAC Title game this season.

The SAC Times has announced the 98th Watch List for Offensive MVP for the SAC Conference.

Shepherd red-shirt senior tailback William Sexton.  Sexton is a complete back and dominated opposing defenses last season on the ground and plucking passes out of the backfield.  He scored 30 times, with 28 of them coming after his 2,000 yard rushing attack, while garnering over 700 yards in the passing attack.

West Virginia Tech counters with a junior all purpose back in James Ritter.  Ritter rushed for 1,632 yards last season scoring 10 times.  He added to his all purpose yards with 700 receiving and slipped into the end zone twice.

Newberry senior flanker Raymond Werner is a burner.  He took it to the house 5 times last season while amassing 628 yards.

West Virginia Wesleyan has a returning starter in senior wide-out Kenneth Lyons nominated.  He scored 4 times in the air accumulating 583 yards.

Sim Ai Teams – note these teams are available for qualified DIII Coaches to take over next season.  For referral to Gridiron Dynasty click here.

Sim coached Glenville nominated senior slot receiver David Clark.  Clark caught 73 balls last year for 696 yards.  Glenville is available for new coaches who qualify for a DII job in the Rockne world.

Lenoir-Rhyne counters with junior power back Theodore Berry.  He started every game last season and rushed for 175 yards.