Welcome to the SAC 98

The South Atlantic Conference welcomes a new coach at West Virginia Wesleyan Indy_Indians for the 98th season in the Rockne World of Fantasy Fantasy football.

The SAC has 8 coaches under contract this season.  Last season the SAC was ranked as the most powerful conference according to the GUESS Reports by .02 points over the Northern Sun.

The SAC has some of the top coaches in Division II with great success. The preeminent coach in the league is dawgnuts. His Shepherd team contends annually for the SAC Title game from the West Division. He won the National Championship in Season 96 to add to his 14 conference championships.

Next in tenure and similar Air Raid offensive tendencies is flipdog0 at Mars Hill. Flip collects top talent well and is a recruiting junkie. His offense is tailored to the top talent that he drags onto campus, sometimes with under the table envelopes, throwback jerseys and other infractions have been alleged by the WhatifSports Commissioners Office in the past decade. Flip has one SAC Title belt that he failed to return to the league office.

Clememp has Tusculum back on track appearing in the title game last season, but has a tremendous rebuilding project in head of the coach for the 98th season. Clem has won 4 SAC Championships and is renowned for player development and flexible offensive schemes to showcase talents that he acquires on the recruiting trails.

MJRyan is a interesting case. He won a SAC Championship at Carson-Newman before taking over an Ivy League team, then returning to the Cradle of Champions in the South Atlantic Conference, or he got caught on a motorcycle with an intern. Well he relocated to West Virginia Tech where his 3-4 defense and amazing stable of running backs look to contend as a national power.

Abdfl joined the league the same year Mjryan returned and took over Carson-Newman after one year of simai recruiting on autopilot after the team was abandoned in mid-season. Abd has the team in a rebuild and has been recruiting classes to get Carson Newman back on track. He has 9 conference wins in the last 3 seasons.

Drdvh and Kings/40s are both WhatifSports compadres and joined the league last year respectively at Presbyterian and Newberry. They are setting up their dynasties and playbooks for the cutthroat competition for the SAC Title.

Special Notes:  

The SAC Preseason Player of the Year Polling opens for the Sports Information Directors of the SAC. Please submit nominations before signing day.

Intern positions are available at the SAC Times.  Please see clememp for more information.

Recruiting begins on January 28th at Noon.  Remember there is a 24 hour ‘dead period’ to begin before 3 hour cycles begin.  Remember to keep our footprint clean of offending coaches.  Report any contact to the SAC Social Media Director.

Yatzr has released a beta test recruiting tool.  Get it.


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